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Written by Bogdan Mitrache · March 16th, 2017


Every application is a puzzle for IT professionals to figure out when it comes to a customized, silent deployment. What switches will the setup accept? How can automatic updates be disabled? How can shortcuts be managed? How can system restarts be prevented?

While widespread adoption of Windows Installer has help standardize certain command line support, setup developers frequently provide their own public properties to support control of application specific options during installation. Looking at the property table is a good place to start, but a better place is a crowd-sourced, community supported database of version-specific tips for applications.

AppDetails features such a software deployment tip library. It serves all well to make a trip to AppDetails both the first and last steps in deploying commercial software. The first, to see what has been shared. Why reinvent the wheel if it is not necessary? Hours, if not days can be saved by looking to tips from those who worked to solve such puzzles before you. Then, when deployment is complete, give back by sharing anything you learned. This could be command line installation or removal switches, how certain public properties function, what customizations are possible, links to other resources you uncovered in your research and even simple comments about the experience that could prove helpful to others.

Come have a look now, and cheat next time you have to solve an application deployment puzzle! Check out the AppDetails tip library.

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