Windows Store App Packages

MSIX/APPX is the next generation, simple and secure packaging format for Microsoft Windows. With Advanced Installer you can easily create Windows Store App packages, having your application ready for deployment in Windows 10 and beyond.

Already have an MSIX/APPX package and need to modify it? Just start an Import Windows Store App project type then customize it as required in Advanced Installer.

Learn!Importing/Creating an AppX Package
Read the introductory tutorial to see how easy it really is

The friendly User Interface offers an intuitive, visual representation of MSIX/APPX settings:

Digital Signature

Digitally Sign MSIX/APPX Packages


Specify MSIX/APPX Dependencies

Visual Assets

Add App Visual Assets


Specify App Capabilities


MSIX/APPX Declarations

Content URIs

Edit MSIX/APPX Content URI Rules


Localize MSIX/APPX Packages