Best Value Installer

Best Value

Advanced Installer strives to offer you the best value installer on the market by including the richest feature set under the easiest to use User Interface at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Our desire is to help you to reduce costs and increase return on investment even more by giving you the option to purchase bundled products at discounted prices.

Volume Discounts

Purchase multiple licenses, of the same type, and save thousands of dollars depending on your budget.

  • 2-4 seats : 5% discount
  • 5-9 seats : 10% discount
  • 10-49 seats : 15% discount
  • 50-99 seats : 20% discount

Loyalty Discounts

Extend your Maintenance Plan before it expires and enjoy a much lower price than when renewing it after its expiration date

When purchasing your Advanced Installer license, you can acquire an additional Maintenance Plan extension for to up to 3 years and get up to 20% discount depending on the years of maintenance purchased.

  • 2 years : 10% discount
  • 3 years : 20% discount

Compound Maintenance Discounts

When purchasing two or more licenses, the volume discount is also applied on the maintenance price. You can get up to 40% off our list prices depending on the number of licenses and years of maintenance bought, at the same time