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Written by Alexandra Stoienescu · April 28th, 2022


As a developer or ISV, you spend most of your time developing and improving applications to meet your users’ needs.

Usually, you aim to have a bug-free application, but besides that, it happens to have requirements and feature or improvements requests from your users - and that's an excellent sign you're doing a great job.

Until you get that request, that takes a lot of manual intervention from your side.

You start working on the user requirement because you have no other choice, even though it requires a significant amount of time and effort.

And at that moment, you wish to have a drag and drop, a built-in library, or a predefined functionality to help you achieve or simplify your task.

This happens too when you have to add or configure a Context Menu item to your application.

When adding context menu items to your application, you often need to manually add and edit keys and values through the Registry editor.

It is a time-consuming process, and it becomes even more difficult when you have to remember all the (sometimes complicated) values for every context menu item you need.

The good news is that starting with Advanced Installer 19.4, we implemented a new built-in functionality that will help you skip this hassle: Advanced Installer Built-in Functionality for Adding Context Menu Items.

NoteYou can try Advanced Installer 19.4 through our 30-day full-featured free trial or upgrade your Advanced Installer version.

You no longer have to add or edit manually keys and values through the Registry Editor when adding context menu items to your application.

This predefined functionality will allow you to add a context menu item to your application through the Advanced Installer intuitive GUI, without navigating to its corresponding registry.

Infographic - Add context menu items automatically

Watch this demo and learn how you can automate this hassle and increase your productivity when having to create Windows Explorer context menu items.

TipKeep in mind that you can run Advanced Installer 19.4 side-by-side with your current version without having to upgrade your current project. Check our Complete Guide - How to Upgrade to a Newer Version of Advanced Installer.

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