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Custom Setup Tips Dialog

Sun Sep 12, 2021 4:41 pm

One of the differences between Advanced Installer and InstallShield is in the custom setup dialog. In InstallShield there is a help button which opens a dialog of custom setup tips, and in Advanced Installer there is a reset button instead. I want to suggest a tip to make a dialog with the same tips in Advanced Installer.

In InstallShield, this dialog looks like that:

To make this dialog in Advanced Installer, go to Dialogs, and then click on "CustomizeDlg". Click on the button "Reset" in this dialog and change the text on it to "Help", like this:

After changing the text on this button, go to Published Events, remove the event "Reset control properties to default values" or whatever it is, and then click on "New..." on the right, and then in the list click on the event "Display a specific child dialog", like this:


And then click on "OK". Expand the "CustomizeDlg" dialog in the install sequences pane, and then click on "SpawnDialog" which is the new dialog, and rename it to "HelpDlg", like this:

In this dialog, change its width to 370 and its height to 270, and then delete everything in this dialog. Apply these changes only on this dialog. Now only the button "No" is left in this dialog, change its X value to 304 and its Y value to 243 so that it's on the bottom right corner, and then change the text on it to "OK", like this:

Then, copy the following objects from DiskCostDlg (Logo, BottomLine, BannerBitmap, BannerLine, Title, Description) to HelpDlg, like this:

To place the BottomLine in the correct position, change its X value to 5. Change the text in the title to "Custom Setup Tips", and the text in the description to "Custom Setup allows you to selectively install program features.", like this:


And finally, add these objects:

Image X=21 Y=52 Width=24 Height=24

Image X=21 Y=105 Width=24 Height=24

Image X=21 Y=130 Width=24 Height=24

Image X=21 Y=155 Width=24 Height=24

Image X=21 Y=180 Width=24 Height=24

Image X=21 Y=205 Width=24 Height=24
The icon next to the feature name indicates the install state of the feature. Click the icon to drop down the install state menu for each feature.
X=50 Y=52 Width=300 Height=36
This install state means the feature...
X=21 Y=91 Width=300 Height=10
Will be completely installed to the local hard drive.
X=60 Y=105 Width=300 Height=20
Will have some subfeatures installed to the local hard drive. (Available only if the feature has subfeatures.)
X=60 Y=130 Width=300 Height=20
Will not be installed.
X=60 Y=155 Width=300 Height=20
Will be installed on first use. (Available only if the feature supports this option.)
X=60 Y=180 Width=300 Height=20
Will be installed to run from the network. (Available only if the feature supports this option.)
X=60 Y=205 Width=300 Height=20

And that's it. This is how to final result looks like:
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Re: Custom Setup Tips Dialog

Tue Sep 14, 2021 5:52 pm


Thank you very much for sharing this with us!

I am sure some other InstallShield users who have migrated to Advanced Installer will find this useful.

If possible, could you please try to edit the post and re-attach the last image, as it looks like a wrong one was attached?

Best regards,
Catalin Gheorghe - Advanced Installer Team
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