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Comments/Documenter tab and pane

It would be very beneficial if we could have a simple type of comments tab on the CONTROL pane to enter text, which contents is individual to each dialog, as is the contents of the condition and event tabs, and saved with the project.

Additionally it would be great to have a global pane, like the Log pane, where simple text can be entered which also gets saved with the project.

Then we could make comments or document changes.
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Re: Comments/Documenter tab and pane


This feature is already on our TODO list and will be available in a future version of Advanced Installer. Thank you for your suggestion.

Gabriel Barbu
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Re: Comments/Documenter tab and pane


In case you did not know, Advanced Installer now allows you to add notes in the project, so you can easily collaborate with your colleagues.

Bogdan Mitrache - Advanced Installer Team
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