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'Run PowerShell Inline Script' can't access temporary files

Mon May 03, 2021 4:48 pm

I've got the following custom action called: RunInstallScriptInline


It runs a powershell script that sets up self-signed certificates, website and app pools. In order to set up certificate I need to pass a crt and pfx files to it. I was trying to do it using temporary files, as following:

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-rootCaCrtPath "[&rootCA.crt]" -rootCaPfxPath "[&rootCA.pfx]" -rootCaPfxPassword '[pfxPass]' -siteName ''
But the project builder complains right away. In fact you can't even browse to temporary folder location. This seems to work fine if you 'Launch a file' instead of 'Run PowerShell Script Inline'.

I even tried the following, which got around builder errors, but didn't work during runtime (the installer couldn't find the temp files at the location specified)

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-rootCaCrtPath "[TempFolder]rootCA.crt" -rootCaPfxPath "[TempFolder]rootCA.pfx" -rootCaPfxPassword '[pfxPass]' -siteName ''
What am I doing wrong? For the time being my workaround is just including the crt, pfx files in the project output folder:

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-rootCaCrtPath "[#rootCA.crt]" -rootCaPfxPath "[#rootCA.pfx]" -rootCaPfxPassword '[pfxPass]' -siteName ''
The problem with this approach is that I don't want those files on the system after the install is done (hence why I wanted to use temporary files in the first place). How can I remove the files, if temporary files are not supported by inline scripts.

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Re: 'Run PowerShell Inline Script' can't access temporary files

Thu May 06, 2021 6:50 pm


I have ran a few tests on my end and it looks like you indeed can not pass the path to a temporary file, at least not in the "regular" way (i.e. entering "[" in the field --> "File" --> select your temp file).

However, every temporary file has a property assigned to it that stores its' path and that should do the trick for you.
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Hope this helps!

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