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Creating an installer for Windows 7, Vista, and XP

Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:17 am

I now need to update my Advanced Installer installer to install on Windows 7, and I'm still using 7.1.3.

Should I upgrade to version 7.6.1?

7.7 doesn't have a ".1" yet, and so I'm not sure if I should upgrade to the latest.

I'm looking at the enhancements and bug fixes, what does "Added support for both upgrade methods to Windows 7 Libraries" mean? How will that help me in properly supporting Windows 7?

With 7.1.3, I had a few problems:

1) On Vista, my installer didn't have a Vista controls look and feel. Is that fixed in a more current version of the Advanced Installer?

2) If the network connection was dropped while downloading a prerequisite from Microsoft's web site, the installer would hang. Any chance that is fixed in a newer version of AI?

3) Within our installer, our background graphics would get slightly distorted, we would see two small vertical lines. Any chance there might be a fix for that since 7.1.3? 7.1.3 fixed a few of the problems we had, but we have one remaining issue.

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