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Anti-virus software falsely flagging Advanced Installer

Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:55 pm

There were a number of reports from users about known anti-virus software detecting and blocking the Advanced Installer install package as containing malware, trojans or viruses.

These are false-positives. We double-check them every time, of course but we can report that so far there are NO such infections inside Advanced Installer. It's just regular installer code that somehow trips the A/V heuristics.

We are actively monitoring and reporting such false positives to the anti-virus companies and in time they add us to their exception list. Some companies are quicker, others less responsive. In the meanwhile, you can:
  • add the package to your local anti-virus exception list
  • temporarily disable your A/V while installing AdvInst
  • install it inside a non-monitored Virtual Machine
Also please, definitely alert us any time this happen so we can verify and contact the A/V company.
Catalin Rotaru - Advanced Installer Team
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