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Need to hire someone to fix my AIP asap

Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:34 pm

I need to hire an experienced AI developer to solve this problem...

I have a commercial application which installs with AI v8.9. The user has access to InstallTypeDlg so they can choose to install for Only Me or Everyone. The user also has access to SetupTypeDlg so they can specify the installation folder.

Whatever their choices, I want the Advanced Updater to retain those same settings (without giving the user the option to change them) and overwrite the existing installation.

On the other hand, I need for two people in the same household to be able to have (and update) separate single-user installations under different user accounts.

Attempting to follow the advice of Tech Support, I now suppress InstallTypeDlg and SetupTypeDlg if a previous version of the software exists (OLDPRODUCT=true), i.e., during an update. The problem is that if the user originally installed for "Only me" OR they changed the installation folder, the Advanced Updater ignores those settings and installs _again_, this time for All Users and in the default installation folder.

I can't tinker with this any more. I need to hire someone who knows what he is doing to get to the bottom of this problem and solve it asap!

To complicate things, I need for beta testers to be able to have two installations: a production release and a beta release under the same user account. One of those can be for "Only Me" and the other for "Everyone". Right now, I have a command line switch that gives beta testers access to all of the dialogs during an update so that they can install twice. I have doubts about whether this is the appropriate way to handle this, however.

If you have read this far and still understand the issue, please let me hire you to fix it!



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