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Mon Apr 29, 2019 12:12 pm

Good evening,

I have created an enterprise project to install a web application and a windows service mainly ,but now I need to make it compatible with installing multiple instances of the same version ,the problems that I am facing are as follows :

1)After installing 2 or more instances ,if I uninstall the first installed instance ,the windows service and the registry files that are its own are not removed while they do get removed in the usual scenario .

2)After installing 2 or more instances ,if I go to the control panel and try to uninstall any instant other than the first one it ,a message appear saying MSI and EXE signature mismatch ,which disallows me from removing it from the control panel but it I can still remove it if I go to the .exe file from which I installed it in first place and remove from there ,which leads to problem 3 .

3)After installing 2 or more instances ,if I open the .exe file I installed these instances from and choose maintain or upgrade instance from the radio box ,The GUI is messed up a little bit ,in the maintenance dialogue ,the icons background switches to white like this (https://pasteboard.co/IcmSSjW.png) and the loading bar which is supposed to be orange turns blue and the title bar style switches to that of an MSI .

PS:On putting a MessageBox CA to show the Product name in the maintenance dialogue ,if I go to uninstall the instance from control panel it shows the name of the first instance while if I do it from the same .exe it was installed from and choose maintain or upgrade already existing instance from the radio box it shows the correct name .

PSS:I have sent an email to you guys with the .aip file but I posted this so people can get help from it .

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Re: Multi-Instances

Tue May 07, 2019 1:16 pm


I would not recommend you to use the generate instances at install time option due to its limitation. You are not able to upgrade the installed instances, you can only install upgrades as small updates.

Please let me know if everything is working as expected when using static instances with the major upgrades support enabled.

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