Do you know about these Most Common Motorcycle Superstitions?

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Do you know about these Most Common Motorcycle Superstitions?

Post by kaypouros » Sat Oct 03, 2020 10:30 am

There are many things in our lives that are said to be unlucky, for example, black cats or you don’t walk under the ladder, don’t break the mirror, don’t dump salt, and some other superstitions. Likewise, in the motorcycling world, we also have things that are considered unlucky.

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It is very bad luck to drop your motorcycle helmet

This motorcycle superstition is easy to understand, and it can be a bit true. The bad luck is that if you drop your helmet, it might be damaged. For some, dropping helmets is an earmark. There is a saying "As goes your helmet, so goes your head", which means that if you drop your helmet, the head will follow.


Actually, changing a helmet after each drop is not an option for many riders. They said their lids were very expensive, and they could not afford hundreds of dollars to replace a new one by slightly dropping the helmet. I completely agree with this opinion, because indeed it is very impractical. If I believe this superstition , I must fast to save money to buy new helmets every month.

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A green motorcycle is a bad luck

The green motorcycle used to be considered the most unlucky components in motorcycle history. This superstition stems from the fatal motor vehicle crashes in which the motorcycles involved in these crashes are all green. And one event that makes this more believable is that American troops who died in World War II rode on green motorcycles.

The deaths of riders in the War were then attributed to enemy snipers rather than by green motorcycles. But people seem to be haunted, and from generation to generation, green bikes are said to often bring bad luck and death.

Guardian Bell

Guardian bells are used to help scare away evil spirits believed to be the cause of bad luck that a rider may encounter on a trip. What is the truth behind this superstition?

It is thought that when the bell rings, the evil spirits will be attracted and enter the bell and become trapped there. The repeated ringing of the bell will make the spirits go insane and reduce its power. Therefore, it will no longer have enough strength to harm you.

The guardian bell is, in a figurative sense, a symbol of cohesion among motorcyclists. These bells create friendship and cohesion because it is gifted, passed from person to person and cannot be bought anywhere. In this way, the bell superstition is not so bad.

This article is for informational purposes only, I do not encourage you to trust any of these superstitions. It depends on how you understand it, there are other superstitions like riding with the rear pegs down, stopping to help other riders and so on. But please refer to it selectively, do not let your trip be ruined just because of such unscientific things. In general, do what you think is right, and most importantly, have fun!

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Re: How to bypass the windows UAC in silent installation mode

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Hi and welcome to our forums,

The only solution you can apply for this is at install time. You can get a successful installation only if you make sure the installation process is launched elevated (or is triggered as a child process of an already elevated process).

There is no solution you can apply for your requirement at build time (when you create and build the steup project with Advanced Installer).

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