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SoyLatte for OS X 10.4

Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:09 pm

I'm having a difficulty. I have a Java 6 application that I need to distribute. It works fine with AI on Windows, because Java 6 has been shipping for Windows for a long time.

It also works fine on OS X 10.6, which ships with Java 6.

Our problem is that we have a lot of users who are still on OS X 10.4. I realize that is long out of date and they should upgrade, but we're talking about 1,000+ users. We can't order them to upgrade.

I know that Soy Latte provides a Java 6 implementation that runs on OS X 10.4. Does anyone have experience with this? And, is there a way to get AI to bundle Soy Latte with the application?


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