Updating a licensed copy may revert to Trial mode

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Updating a licensed copy may revert to Trial mode

Postby Cata » Tue Jul 04, 2006 10:26 am

Symptom: Updating a licensed copy of Advanced Installer to a version released outside the validity period of the Maintenance Plan reverts it to Trial mode.

Aggravation: The Updater prompts to update to the latest version without checking the Maintenance Plan first.

Reason: We actually have code in there that checks and warns about updates outside the Maintenance Plan. Unfortunately, we discovered that, due to a bug, it did not function correctly in certain older versions of Advanced Installer.

Fix: The updater bug was fixed in the 4.2 release.

Solution: If this has happened to you and you are missing the version you were using before updating, please download any release covered by your maintenance plan from the Customer Information page.

Please let us know (support at advancedinstaller dot com) if you require a version not listed here.

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