Java products upgrade results in missing EXE launcher file

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Java products upgrade results in missing EXE launcher file

Postby Cata » Fri Jun 04, 2004 3:38 pm

This bug is present in Advanced Installer 1.5 and it affects install packages created for Java products, with the Automatically Upgrade option set ON.

If you have an older package created using AI 1.5 and a newer one made using AI 1.6 or higher, when installing the new package over the old one, the upgrade will result in a missing EXE native lancher file for the Java Application.

The problem does not appear for two packages created both with AI 1.5 or both using AI 1.6 or higher. You will be affected ONLY if you've already created and distributed a Java Application install package created with Advanced Installer 1.5

In which case we suggest the following fixes:

a) Disable the Automatically Upgrade option for you next release packaged with AI 1.6 or higher. In this case please be careful to answer "No" when asked to generate a new Product Code after changing the product version.

b) Let your users know that they need to completely uninstall the previous version of your product before they install the new one.

c) Use Advanced Installer 1.6 (due for release on June 7, 2004) or higher to create your install packages. The bug is fixed in them.

Please contact us (support at advancedinstaller dot com) if you need further assistance.

Catalin Rotaru - Advanced Installer Team
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