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Install FTP web site with Advanced Installer

Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:36 pm


Hereby I want to expose how you can automate with Advanced Installer the installation of an FTP site.

Basically you can create a Powershell script which includes several commands to create the FTP site and to set the FTP site authentication and authorization and another script used to remove the FTP site on uninstall or on rollback (if the installation fails after the FTP site is created). Also, you can use two edit box controls to get at install time the user input with the FTP site physical path and with the FTP site name.

Here is the step by step configuration of such a setup project:

1. create an Enterprise project type
2. go to "Files and Folders" page, right click on "Application Folder" directory and choose "Properties"; select the "Create Folder on target machine" option
3. go to "Install Parameters" page and add a new property like this:
    Value: MyFTP
    Set persistent property: checked
4. go to "Dialogs" page and select the "FolderDlg" dialog; here add an edit box control (FTP_SITE_NAME) which will get the user input for site name
5. go to "Dialogs" page and add three "Run Powershell Inline Script" actions to create on install the site, to remove the site on uninstall or rollback (check the attached sample)
6. build the setup project and test it

Also, attached you can find a sample project created with the Enterprise edition of Advanced Installer 15.6.

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