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[FREE Tool] MSIX Troubleshooter

We made a new tool to help you prepare your migration to MSIX.
It's called MSIX Troubleshooter and it is an automatic debugging tool for MSIX installations.
And it's free!
And you can download it from here.

We are sure that you, too, have encountered errors during the MSIX installation process. Happened to us many times too. So, the Advanced Installer team built a new automatic free tool: MSIX Troubleshooter.

In essence, with MSIX Troubleshooter you get::
  • Issue Diagnosis Report
  • Automatic logs investigation and analysis
  • Ready-to-use diagnosis information
We truly hope you find it helpful.

Free Download MSIX Troubleshooter

Feedback Needed: This is the MSIX Troubleshooter’s beta version - your feedback will be highly valued. Please hit reply and let us know if you found it helpful and what other features would you like to have in the following versions.

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