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Deploy your own application custom font before setup UI initializes


Hereby I expose the configuration of a setup package that will use same custom font (for setup dialogs) as the one used by your application.

Often, applications make use of a custom font. To do so the custom font have to be deployed using your setup package. This is fairly easy to configure, have a look "How do I register a Font?" article.

Now to have a consistent user experience you may want to use the same application custom font for the UI dialogs of your setup package. To do so you should make sure the font is deployed before the setup UI initializes. For instance you can create a separate setup package that will simply deploy the application font and make sure this package is installed using a custom action just before the UI dialogs of the main setup package are displayed.

Attached you can find a sample implementing this configuration.
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Here are the detailed configuration steps you can go with:

1. create a setup package that will simply deploy your application custom font; just follow the steps exposed in "How do I register a Font?" article.

2. open your main setup project and go to "Files and Folders" page; add the above fontSetup package as a temporary file
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3. go to "Custom Actions" page and add a new "Run PowerShell Inline Script" custom action without sequence that will simply launch and silently install the fontSetup package; you can use a PowerShell code like this:

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$arguments = "/i `"" + $env:TEMP + "\fontSetup.msi`" /qn"
Start-Process -FilePath msiexec.exe -ArgumentList $arguments -Wait
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4. go to "Dialogs" page and select "PreparePrereqDlg" dialog; add a trigger for the above configured "InstallFont" custom action on "Init Event" tab - let's assume your main setup project also includes pre-install prerequisites; otherwise you can trigger this action from "PrepareDlg" dialog
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5. go to "Install Parameters" page and make sure you check "Run as administrator" option

6. finally go to "Themes" page -> Text Styles" tab and set for the default text style your custom font (the custom font must be already installed on current build machine in order to be able to select it in "Text Styles" tab)
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7. save and rebuild your main setup project

That was all!

All the best,
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