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Merge module - remove all files on uninstall

I have a merge module with a service, and I'm lacking the possibility to set up an "Uninstall Cleanup Wizard" to order all files removed on uninstall.
I saw a very old and sort of similar post: viewtopic.php?t=27799 but it doesn't solve my problem and seems to be obsolete.
I added a feature request for my problem: viewtopic.php?p=133366#p133366 as I see no reason why it should not be possible to clean up totally.

Until then, is there a workaround I can use?

My reason for this need is, that once the service is installed it will update itself (non-MSI), and also it will generate some temporary files. I wan't to ensure that I wipe everything on uninstall.
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Re: Merge module - remove all files on uninstall


The service should be uninstalled when you uninstall the package.

Is this not happening or am I missing something here?

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