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UAC Prompt shows incorrect msi name

We are using Advanced Installer to create an msi file. We use Trusted Signing to sign the msi and that is all working fine. The dialogs that come up as part of the standard install process show our company name and details as set up in the aip configuration file. However when the UAC prompt appears asking the user to confirm that changes can be made to their computer, the msi name in the dialog is a random set of characters (see attached image). Having read some other posts, it seems to be that the Description in the SIgnature part of the aip configuraiton needs setting, but we do this and still get a random file name. Is there anything else I'm missing?
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Re: UAC Prompt shows incorrect msi name

Hello Adam and welcome to our forums,

Unfortunately, I can not say for sure why this is happening.

However, a ticket has been opened so our Dev team can further investigate this.

So far, it seems to be related to Trusted Signing as all the other methods are working just fine with the "Desription" workaround.

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Catalin Gheorghe - Advanced Installer Team
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