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APPDIR inside a Property


I am trying to change a property APPPATH = [|APPDIR]\App01 but the value is set to \App01.
Why is the value for APPDIR empty?

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Re: APPDIR inside a Property

Hello Peer and welcome to our forums,

Most likely, this happens because you are using a PseudoFormatted property, which is resolved at build time.

By default, properties referenced by PseudoFormatted ("[|propertyname]") field are resolved at build time. During installation only properties used in Formatted data fields are resolved.

During the installation you need to use only properties referenced by Formatted data types, for example "[HOME_PATH]".

More details on our Windows Installer Formatted Type article.

Can you please use the following value: APPPATH = [APPDIR]\App01 and see that helps? If not, please send us the .AIP (setup project) file by email to support at advancedinstaller dot com so we can further test this.

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Liviu Sandu - Advanced Installer Team
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