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Installer as a wrapper to existing installer with parameters

Hi there,

New to advanced installer. I have an existing msi (or exe) install file and in order for this to be run correctly on a users machine it requires a couple command line parameters to be passed. I could send users the msi and then a bat or ps1 file and just ask them to run the script. However I want to simplify and reduce the chances of anything going wrong, the user running the wrong file etc. So I'd like to bundle them into a new installer (msi or exe) so I can send user a single file to run.

I reached out to support and they recommended adding my existing msi as a "prerequisite" with parameters however this creates a terrible user experience. They run it and are presented w/ a screen that says it's installing a prerequisite which is actually the application that this is supposed to install. It goes off and does that install and then runs a second installer, but that second installer doesn't actually do anything.

Any ideas on how to do this in a single process, or should I just ask for refund and send users msi w/ a script and hope they follow instructions and run the correct one?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Installer as a wrapper to existing installer with parameters

Hello and welcome to our forums,

As I see, you have an ongoing conversation with my colleague Daniel on email.

Please continue the conversation there to avoid answering the same question twice by two different team members.

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