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Collapse all features and their components


Sometimes when I open the .aip project and navigate to the Organization view, all the features and their components are expanded.

Two suggestions:
  • We can press "Collapse All" at a feature, but not at the root node (Product). Would be great if this is supported, otherwise (as multiselect is also not possible) I need to manually click on every feature and hit collapse all. Same for "Expand All".
  • If remembering the current state would always work, it would be fine as is. As currently it sometimes does not remember the collapsed/expand state correctly for me and instead just expands all features and their components at will, I would personally prefer a collapsed state for all features instead as default.
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Re: Collapse all features and their components

Hello Johannes,

We've included your suggested improvement in our TODO list and aim to implement it in a future Advanced Installer release. We will inform you through this forum thread once it's available.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Best regards,
Liviu Sandu - Advanced Installer Team
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