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Rename Updater (EXE) after download

Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:00 am


this might be possible but I cannot find it in the documentation:

I have a problem using auto update because my web hoster seems to put some restrictions on EXE files.

The problem manifests in that when I enter the (correct) update URL (e. g. http://.....//myupdate.exe) into the browser I get "FILE NOT FOUND".
Doing the same with a text file works.

When running the AI Updater this results in a "wrong file size" error.

One solution would be (if this cannot be "fixed" by our web hoster) to name the file on the server as "" and renaming it during/after download using a special entry in the configuration file.

Is this possible?


Sorry, but I found out how to do it!

I simply named the URL .... myupdate.exe.txt. AI puts the "right" name in the ServerFile entry and it works w/o problems. Thanks for this great product!


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