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How to report a problem for a faster resolution

Please give us the following information so we can help you quicker:

Problem description - Short description indicating your exact problem. If it's an error you can copy-paste it or attach a screen-shot.

How to reproduce ? - The steps leading to the problem. Please be sure to specify any target machine/development machine settings, dependencies or information for the steps to apply.

Environment - Attach the resources which usually consist of the .AIP project file(s), the verbose log of the installation as well as other resources required to replicate the problem. If you don't want to publicly share these resources or for confidentiality matters, please send them to us via e-mail to support at advanced installer dot com. Be sure to specify the forum thread subject. Please do not duplicate the question from a thread into an e-mail, they both have the same priority so you will get a response in the same time frame.

Thank you in advance for your time and for helping us make Advanced Installer a better product !

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