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$$$$ Contract support for client development

Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:25 pm

Need contracted support for creation of an installation client using the Professional edition of Advanced Installer.

The program must run for all users, regardless of the user’s administrative rights to the station.

It is understood that an administrative user is required to install the program but after it is successfully installed, any user, including standard or guest users, need to have the program run accordingly.

The program must also launch at startup for all users after installation.

We have built a client using AI before and it worked just as we needed it to but after a slight adjustment to the installation process, it has us stuck.

An administrative user has no problem (runs at startup automatically) but standard users need to manually launch the program from the program menu and are prompted to enter an administrative passcode

more specification:
I have a software application that is prompting users with the User Account Dialog (UAC) when they click the application shortcut icon.

The shortcut also resides in the Startup folder, but it does not open at the time of start up. If they click directly on the EXE in the program files folder, the application opens and it does NOT prompt them with the UAC. I have my EXE signed with GlobalSign and my company name appears in the UAC dialog.

However, I do NOT want this dialog box to appear. My app is written in C++ and I was able to import an InstallShield project that runs just fine and does NOT display the UAC dialog box.

I need help with creating an install project with AdvancedInstaller v 9.8 that will install silently, pass in a commandline parameter that is a client id, and successfully run from the Startup folder when the user logs on to their PC. Thanks.

Vendor must have advanced understanding of the Advanced Installer program and the development of cross-user programs.

* Payment will be based on success of client creation according to specifications.
Please only contact us if you feel confident that you can provide assistance.

please contact jlee@epanicbutton.com for more info

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