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Windows Features - supporting future Target Operating Systems

I'm looking into adding MSMQ and IIS to the Windows Features in our Installer package instead of using Custom Actions to enable them. Although there is the Target Operating Systems we can define, I would like to know if they will support future operating systems without having to recompile and distribute the software again.

I see in the XML there are OSTargets attribute, how do we tell which OSTargets will be forward compatible? if not how do I use the Installation Conditions to override the Target Operating Systems or at least have the Conditions help with detecting future compatibility.
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Re: Windows Features - supporting future Target Operating Systems


I am afraid your request cannot be accomplished without rebuilding the setup project in the future when we will also integrate support for the forthcoming operating systems.

We cannot guarantee future OS versions compatibility in the current version of Advanced Installer. This is simply because we cannot know the design of the future OSes.

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