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Mid-Century Platform Bed Full Size

When they picture a mid-century platform bed, most people probably view a bed frame that sits on the floor and has no headboard like something you would see as a little more stylish and likely found in a classy hotel room in the 60's period.
You are not wrong at all! Platform beds are way much more multifaceted nowadays, even more than most people will notice.
Now, a mid-century platform bed brings out a splashy look,
A mid-century platform bed measures fifty-four inches by seventy-five inches. It uses clean lines, geometric shapes, and furniture with tapered legs to give a more stylish look to traditional style.

Image Read more: Best Full Size Platform Bed Reviews and Buying Guide


What type of mattress to choose for these platform beds.

The best thing about any platform bed is that you do not need any unique kind of mattress, so long as it perfectly fits the bed frame. This factor is strengthened by the certainty that it does not require any box spring.
The most recommended mattresses for a mid-century platform bed are supposed to be at least twelve inches thick, but fourteen inches is also good. We all know that the thicker the mattress, the more durability it will have, and this will reduce the chance of it sinking in and sticking out over time. Also, thick mattresses offer much better support and comfort as compared to less thick ones.
When choosing a mattress, it is essential to consider your overall body weight, so that the mattress does not wear out quickly.

What type of Mattresses are best suited for a mid-century platform full-size bed?

1. Latex Mattresses

A latex mattress can be reasonably heavy and used with a mid-century platform bed since you keep the wooden slats on the bed closer to each other. Latex is a standard mattress material and will help you ensure that you experience a good night sleep and are known to be durable for up to forty years on the low, although they cost much more

2. Memory Foam

The memory foam mattress is popular due to the contouring whenever pressure is likely to be exerted onto them. However, the mattress can also experience sinking issues when they do not have sufficient support from the slats; therefore, the recommendation stresses keeping the slats close to each other, just like with latex mattresses.

3. Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress incorporates either two different or more kinds of mattress materials. What they amalgamate varies. A lot of people prefer a hybrid mattress because it gives the satisfaction of numerous mattress types.

Materials used for mid-century platform bed

Making a mid-century platform requires numerous materials; however, wood is the most commonly used. Both elementary and polished, exposed wood unveils nature’s smartest furnishing in the house.
The most favored types of wood in the mid-century are lighter rosewood(old-growth tree) , American black walnut, Dark Mahogany, and Young Teak. Read more at our website Image

Types of mid-century full-size platform bed

1) Dorinda Solid Wood Platform Bed- The chic look is so unique that it brings out the bed's traditional sense in a modernized way.
2) Tuft and Needle Frame- Both components used to make this bed will combine gorgeously into a modern space. The colors blend in perfectly.
3) Nectar Platform Bed-This bed frame seems plain, but, at the same time, gives a satisfactory feeling in the bedroom. The principal wood used to make it is pine.
4) Marte Platform Bed- This sandy rubberwood and rattan bed frame gives so much light to the room and is said to be a mood changer. It has tapered legs that have a height of 11 inches.


Advantages of a mid-century full-size platform bed

1) Mid-century platform beds bring out a stylish look that incorporates a clean, modern, yet traditional look. This feature is a unique look that most beds cannot give.
2) Most, if not all, platform beds, no matter the type, are built with a flat platform with slats close to each other. This factor saves a lot of money that would rather purchase a box spring instead. You would be surprised to have a good night's sleep without the uncomfortable place springs.
3) In general, a platform bed is usually more stable than other beds due to the presence of a flat platform frame. This stability is especially suitable for people who have large body mass and also for those who are restless during the night.
4) There is no need to go through too much hustle of looking for a mattress since most mattresses go well with mid-century platform beds.
5) A mid-century platform bed is one of the space-conscious beds. Why? Their gleaming style covers a little floor area, which will help you reduce the congestion in the bedroom.
6) The bed does not require a high level of maintenance. Its maintenance is inexpensive and not done occasionally.
7) It is effortless to move around if one wants to take it to another room in the house or when moving out from one home to another.


1) Generally, platform beds are shallow to the ground and might cause problems for people who have a history of back and knee issues. Even for those without any problems but are tall, they may struggle to get in and out of bed.
2) Due to the wooden slats' presence, the platform bed assures to be very firm, which is a nuisance for people who prefer to sleep on their side.
3) Although polish wood is appealing to the eye, it is not soft and might bruise the skin if brushed.
4) Solid wood frames usually are very pricey compared to other materials. Due to the popularity of mid-century platform beds, their price has escalated.
5) Since the mattress perfectly fits the bed, it may not be easy to lift the mattress when making the bed.


A mid-century best full size platform bed Image is one of the most popular beds in the market now, and with it, one can never go wrong. The bed saves you money, saves floor space, is firm and gives the necessary support needed, allows the mattress to aerate, and offers your bedroom both a traditional and modern look at the same time. There are numerous styles to decide from, and all the methods have readily available mattresses saving you from the hustle of finding an ideal bed. Getting a mid-century is a plus.
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That is the location where our bootstrapper .EXE tries to extract its' MSI and CAB files.

However, the path seems a bit off.

ExtLocation.png (86.29KiB)Viewed 984 times

Normally, the [AppDataFolder] property should be resolved to:
not to:
Could you please take a screenshot of the "Extract Location" in your project and attach it here so I can have a better view about this?

Additionally, both these folders: "config" and "systemprofile"

require administrator privileges in order to be accessed.

With that being said, could you please run your .EXE file with administrator privileges (right click --> "Run as administrator") and let me know if the issue still persists?

Hope this helps.

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