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Force added files to separate components

I'd like to see a project option and/or overall preference that puts files in separate components.

In my situation, I prefer to have every file have its own component so it will always update the customer's machine when making changes to any file, such as text files and such. When a component has several files, one is assigned to be a key file, which means that if its a different file that changed and no the key file, the customer machine is not updated. One workaround is using a "trigger file" in a component with many files that is essentially a dummy file. Change the content and all the files get changed, however that's not optimal.

I understand MS is mixed on this giving a warning that it could make things heavier when 1 file per component. But I would at least love to see an option. Right now, I have to add files, then walk through every component to make sure is just one file and if not, use the feature to move to a new component (which I love that feature).

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Re: Force added files to separate components

Hello Lance,

Thank you for your feedback.

Currently, Advanced Installer automatically creates the components when generating the product package. The automatic process respects a strict set of Windows Installer rules, together with a series of best practices we have gathered from our customers during the years.

I have added your request on our TODO list of improvements and once I will have more feedback from the developer, I will followup on this thread.

Best regards,
Catalin Gheorghe - Advanced Installer Team
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