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[Academy News] MSI Packaging Essentials Training and Certification Program

Hi, Roberta from Advanced Installer here.
We're thrilled to announce the launch of the MSI Packaging Essentials Training and Certification Program.

This is our first educational program for young IT professionals who want to become experts in application packaging.
And it’s completely free.
And it comes with a professional certification!
Check it out here.

We all know that the MSI is here to stay. So, every tech expert needs to know as much as possible about the technical side of MSI packaging.

Therefore, Alex Marin, a professional with 10+ years of experience in application packaging, developed an ideal 4-step program to help you cover the essentials of MSI packaging:
1. Read the MSI Packaging Training book

2. Go through the Video Demo Lessons

3. Take the 51-question Exam

4. Get your Professional Certification

You will learn:
  • What Windows Installer is and how it works,
  • What is the structure of an MSI,
  • How to create basic MSIs,
  • How to customize vendor MSI applications,
  • and much more…
What are you waiting for? Prove your skills and get certified now!

Keep in mind: This program is extremely accessible, but the exam is NOT that easy to pass. Be sure to follow all the steps before taking your test.

All the best,

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