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Let me import an INI/XML file of pathnames/URLs for projects and updater

I've spent a couple of weeks part-time working with v1, v2, and upgrader projects (MSIX, MSI, EXE) to define reliable sequences and project values to upgrade a simple app from v1 to v2.

It's been a big headache! I am constantly forced to change among v1, v2, and updater projects to manually check values, check pathnames, URLs, and so on. NOT efficient at all.

(Yes, even though I've read dozens of help pages multiple times.)

My feature suggestion is to
- give me a simple .INI (or .XML) file that contains all the info that changes for an upgrade (pathnames, filenames, versions, URLs, etc.)
- that way I can edit one text file ONCE, while having all the pathnames and values in one place.
- then let me import it into a project to set those values.

That way, I could use a template project for my standard site themes, dialogs, signature, and so on.
For each new upgrade:
- copy the project
- import the INI file of pathnames, filenames, and version values that change for different apps and updates
- then build the project and be done with it

It would be a nice touch if you included a Destination Copy path for the Update.txt file and the new MSI installer so that I could export those files to my standard site upgrade disk location instead of having to copy everything manually.

These changes would GREATLY speed up the process of creating AI installers and Update.txt files for multiple apps.
Feel free to reach out if you decide to implement the feature and need more info.
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Re: Let me import an INI/XML file of pathnames/URLs for projects and updater


Thank you for your feedback!

I have forwarded this to our development team.

However, please note the priority for this improvement is really low, as it would require a lot of resources from our dev team and nobody else requested it.

Thank you for your understanding!

Best regards,
Catalin Gheorghe - Advanced Installer Team
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