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Silent install instructions and parameters for Jabra Direct

Below you can find the necessary information to perform a silent installation using the designated silent install parameters for Jabra Direct

About: Jabra Direct is a software application designed for managing and customizing Jabra audio devices, including headsets and speakerphones. It provides users with advanced control over their Jabra devices, allowing them to adjust settings, update firmware, and configure device features according to their preferences.
Application Name: Jabra Direct
Version: 6.9.16301
Main Application Process: `JabraDirect.exe`
Main Application Website URL: https://www.jabra.com/software-and-serv ... bra-direct
Privacy URL: https://www.jabra.com/legal-and-complia ... acy-policy
EXE Installer (Silent Install): JabraDirect.exe

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/install /quiet /norestart /log C:\Windows\Logs\Software\JabraDirect-Install.log
EXE Installer (Silent Uninstall): Check registry key. Also possible with main setup JabraDirect.exe

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/uninstall /quiet /norestart /log C:\Windows\Logs\Software\JabraDirect-Install.log
MSI Installer (Silent Install): Not available
MSI Installer (Silent Uninstall): Not available
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