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Silent install instructions and parameters for KeePass

Below you can find the necessary information to perform a silent installation using the designated silent install parameters for KeePass

About: KeePass is a free and open-source password manager that helps users securely store and manage their passwords. It stores passwords in an encrypted database, requiring users to remember only one master password to access all their stored credentials. KeePass is known for its strong security features and cross-platform compatibility.
Application Name: KeePass
Version: 2.54.0
Main Application Process: `KeePass.exe`
Main Application Website URL: https://keepass.info/
Privacy URL: https://keepass.info/privacy.html
EXE Installer (Silent Install): Not applicable.
EXE Installer (Silent Uninstall): Not applicable.
MSI Installer (Silent Install):

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msiexec /x {msisetupname} /qn /l*v “%temp%\install.log”
MSI Installer (Silent Uninstall):

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msiexec /x {productcode} /qn /l*v “%temp%\uninstall.log”
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