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Never ask to "Generate new Product Code"

We have a build server, which runs MSBuild on a solution containing our AIP project. On the dev. machine, we use assembly version, but the build server will change that to something else, ex: 23.1.0.<build>. That way, we can easibly identify a file, if it comes from a dev machine, or a build server in test, production etc.

But sadly that triggers the "Generate new Product Code" popup...on the build server. How do we prevent that?
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Re: Never ask to "Generate new Product Code"


Most likely this happens because you are using the "Ask me at every change" option for your Product Version.

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This option will prompt a UI message box to ask you if you want to generate or not a new Product Code (even when you build your setup project from command line). If your automated build runs under a non-UI user account (e.g. System account) the build will simply hang. Its purpose is to be used for troubleshooting purposes.

To avoid this issue we recommend you to open your setup project in Advanced Installer GUI app and set the first Product Version option (i.e. "Always generate a new Product Code..." or "Never generate..."). Then save your setup project and test again your automated build from command line.

Hope this helps!

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