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Doc clarification: 'Framework Prerequisite'

AI 21.5

When I add .net 4.8.1 as a pre-install prerequisite, the 'Framework' check box is checked.

In the help doc ( ... rties.html), this is the description of the checkbox:
Check this option to install the prerequisite as a Framework Prerequisite
I can't find the phrase "Framework Prerequisite" anywhere else in the doc. Can you clarify/elaborate on what the meaning/use of this checkbox actually is? Why I would leave it in it's default state vs unchecking it?

FWIW, adding net 8.0.2 as a pre-req does not check the box by default
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Re: Doc clarification: 'Framework Prerequisite'


Indeed, I have noticed as well that the documentation regarding framework prerequisites is quite slim and I have created a task so this can be improved in the future.

The "framework" option is meant for some prerequisites which are more "troublesome" by design. One example would be the .NET Frameowrk 4.8.1 as you mentioned (or any earlier version).

Hope this helps!

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