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Installing both 32 and 64 bit DLLs, Not conditional.


I'm researching if Advanced Installer will fit my use case. Which seems unique but I could see others having related situations.

I've briefly researched this site but everything 32 and 64 bit seems to be either one or other, conditional, and dated. So my apologies for asking a question that seems to have a ton of related answers.

My product to install is a development tool.

The end user / developer using my install will likely have Win64, but can and will build both x64 and x86 targets. Granted, the 3rd/4th party distribution will likely place my DLLs in the app folder along with the EXE; but for development purposes, it's best if my DLLs are installed into syswow64 and system32.

So, I need to install my 32 bit DLL into Syswow64 and at the same time install my 64 bit DLL into System32. The end user will be using both.

Seems somewhat simple?, but I can't find any info on specifics how. Or if this is possible with Advanced Installer?

Maybe install 2 msis automatic simultaneously, maybe build a 32 bit installer, that via a script, can install a file into the true System32 folder? This is what I do now with different installer. An example or documentation of this with Advanced Installer would be helpful.

I also have other 32 and 64 bit OCXs, same names different formats (this is how MS wants OCXs), that should be installed both in Syswow64 and System32 simultaneously, and appropriate regsvr32 called to register in their respective locations. If there is any examples or documentation of this it would be helpful. Even though the system may be Win64, the OLE container might be x86.

Thank you.
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Re: Installing both 32 and 64 bit DLLs, Not conditional.

Hello and welcome to our forums,

In order to achieve what you want, we can proceed as it follows:

- in "Install Parameters" page, select the "Package type" as 64-bit

- in "Files and Folders" page, we will add the files accordingly - meaning the 32-bit dlls in the Windows Volume --> System folder and the 64-bit ones in the Windows Volume --> System 64 folder.

Path to the folders in the Files and Folders page

Below the screenshots for the files:
Screenshot_144.png (9.87 KiB) Viewed 2731 times
Screenshot_144.png (9.87 KiB) Viewed 2731 times

(please ignore the files that I've added as that is not importnat)

Now, for the file in the System 64 folder, please right click on it and then "Go to Component". For that component, please make sure that the "64-bit component" option is checked. Additionally, the opposite should be true for the component of the other file (i.e. the component should not have the "64-bit component" option checked)

Now, after the installation, you should have your files installed in the desired folders. :)

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
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