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Conditional Desktop Icon

Hello, my goal would be to create a desktop icon that has the condition that a checkbox is set during the installation.

I have found the following article. ... tcuts.html

However, whenever I want to create a shortcut to an external file, it takes a random component. I can also create these dummy registry entries. it usually takes a dll as a component of the external shortcut. What is the logic here? What is selected here by default?

thanks Andreas
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Re: Conditional Desktop Icon

Hello Andreas,

You can always move the file (in our case, the shortcut) from a component to another.

You can do so by going to "Organization" page, expand the component that contains your shortcut, right click on it --> "Move to new component".

Note: if you have many components and it's hard for you to find the component which contains your shortcut, you can go to "Files and Folders" page, right click on your shortcut --> "Go to component".

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
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