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Allow Uninstall Cleanup Wizard in merge modules

For some reason, it is not possible to define uninstall behavior for a folder using the Uninstall Cleanup Wizard for a merge module.

I can see, that others have had a similar problem, and a quite cumbersome "workaround" has been presented: viewtopic.php?t=27799
This is also a post from 2012, and the method described there does not seem to work anymore.

Would it be possible to add the Uninstall Cleanup Wizard to merge modules too?
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Re: Allow Uninstall Cleanup Wizard in merge modules


A merge module is merged into the main MSI database at build time, so using Uninstall Wizard for that would be pretty much the same as using it for the main package as explained by my colleague Eusebiu in the post you've linked.

I will, however, discuss this request with our development team to see if we can improve this.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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