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How to allow elevated setup to access network locations


Recently, I've encountered a scenario where testing something for one customer, I've noticed that elevated setups (e.g. an EXE that runs as administrator) can not acccess a NAS location, at least by default.

This NAS location would have represented the install location - although this is not recommended due to multiple reasons, the customer really required this.

When the user would press the "Browse" button from the "FolderDlg" dialog, the NAS drive would not be visible if the setup was ran as administrator (it would work just fine for a normal user).

Upon further investigation, I have managed to find a way to allow my elevated setup to access the network location by creating a registry entry.

So, in order to achieve that, the following registry entry must be created:
New --> DWORD (32) value --> EnableLinkedConnections --> value set to "1"
After doing so, the machine should be restarted.

Now, the elevated setup should be able to discover network locations.

Hope this helps! :)

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