Applying the PSF

Although Microsoft offers the Package Support Framework as an open-source kit on its GitHub page, they do not provide any additional tools to make it easy to integrate it into your packaging and debugging workflow - and you are left with cobbling up your own workflow using independent pieces, or resorting to third party tools.

Third party packaging tools tend to have a more integrated and holistic approach to simplifying and speeding up this process. Be aware that third party products may either use an older version of the PSF than the one available on GitHub, modified versions of prebuilt fixups, or could include additional kinds of fixups that are not available in the GitHub source.

Applying PSF for MSIX Packaging Tool

If you are using the MSIX Packaging Tool, the best way to leverage the Package Support Framework within your MSIX package (without having to do everything manually) is to use the free PsfTooling kit built by Tim Mangan.

This tool can apply and configure all of the prebuilt fixups described previously, with the exception of the ElectronFixup. It also supports a standard fixup called WaitForDebugger, which is useful for developers that need to debug their code or for debugging the PSF itself.

Additionally the tool can detect and modify the installed application to improve compatibility by aligning the application component registration to methods supported by the MSIX Packaging Tool.

Applying PSF with Advanced Installer

Advanced Installer Express - the free, featured-limited edition of Advanced Installer - offers support for additional fixups and replacements for predefined fixups: these can be easily configured and integrated into your package by using the “Trace App” functionality.

The following equivalent replacements should be considered:

  • Trace App
  • WorkingDirectory
  • Command-line arguments management
  • Run custom PowerShell scripts

If you encounter any situations for which a fixup is not available, contact the Advanced Installer Support team over email at They will analyze the problem and try to provide a fixup for the community, if possible.

Advanced Installer Express edition has a built-in debugger that traces your app and tells you what known fixups are required. Check out this video demo at Advanced Installer - Package Support Framework.

Applying PSF with other Packaging Vendors

Flexera AdminStudio and RayNet RayPack Studio are tools that also provide an integrated approach.