Additional MSIX Packaging Tools

There are many repackaging vendors out there that have announced or delivered MSIX support. Unfortunately, we can not cover all of them here, but we still tried to mention most of them here. These products usually have free trial versions for you to evaluate.

We previously covered Microsoft’s first-party tool for packaging - the Microsoft MSIX Package Tool - as well as tools from Advanced Installer and Flexera.

RayPack Studio

Based in Germany, RayNet has been in the packaging business for quite a while.

Pace Suite

Pace, a division of Infopulse which is further owned by TietoEvry, provides conversion and repackaging tools.


Founded by a previous InstallShield alumni,InstallAware has some MSIX Package editing capabilities, along with some other useful features.

Liquit Setup Commander

Liquit Setup Commander is a tool built by It is available as a standalone product or part of the Liquit Release & Patch Management suite.

It enables you to prepare your own in-house applications for deployment by using either one of the connectors for Liquit Workspace, Micro Focus ZENworks, Ivanti EPM, WVD, and Microsoft Configuration Manager. Liquit also provides MSIX App Attach delivery via Liquit Workspace.

Additional MSIX Development Tools

The majority of the development vendors out there have announced or delivered MSIX support. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Advanced Installer (Caphyon).
  • InstallShield (Flexera).
  • Wix Installer (FireGiant)
  • InstallAware (InstallAware).

Additional MSIX Vendors

In this section, we will list some of the other vendors seen in the packaging space offering management, delivery, or support.


  • Citrix
  • VMWare
  • AppVentiX
  • Liquit


  • Access IT Automation
  • Camwood
  • Cloudhouse
  • Rimo3
  • SSH2