The Purpose of Packaging

The reason we package an application is to simplify the life of the end-user, shielding them from things that they don’t need to be involved with. Sometimes, it is a convenient way to hide aspects from the end-user, such as licensing keys or back-end infrastructure details that they do not need to know. Some of the benefits of application packaging for companies include:

  • The customization of general-purpose applications to fit the needs of the organization.
  • Increased productivity of end-users - The majority of which are not IT Pros.
  • A wider applicant pool for a given position (they don’t need to be computer experts but know how to use the app).
  • Increased security of its systems by reducing the need or use for admin credentials.

Ultimately, the purpose of packaging comes down to reducing costs. While certainly there are costs associated with the packaging process, these are outweighed by the cost savings that come from simplifying a process that allows end-users to focus on the tasks they are being paid for - that don't necessarily include installing software and its complications.