The Techniques of Application Packaging

There are three general techniques used in application packaging.

The Techniques of Application Packaging
  • Automation. This encompasses techniques that do not alter the vendor installer directly but are used to apply it. This includes the use of scripts wrapping the application installer, as well as the use of tools that provide additional files such as MST Transforms.
  • Conversion. Converting an installer file from one form into a new form. This includes the use of MSI editors that produce modified MSI files and format conversions (such as from MSI to either App-V or MSIX) that do not require an installation capture of the installer.
  • Capture/Re-packaging. Performing the installation and customization of an application within a monitored environment to capture the changes and produce a customized package.

As someone responsible for application packaging, you will probably need to use a variety of these techniques over time. Your organization will likely have selected a small subset of all of the available first and third-party tools to help make packaging activities consistent and reliable. The MSIX Packaging Fundamentals book will provide you the knowledge that you need to succeed no matter what techniques or tools are used.