Join us at Microsoft Ignite 2019


Will you be at Microsoft Ignite this November? Because we will definitely be there.

In 2018, Microsoft introduced MSIX- the complete containerization solution for desktop packaging. Advanced Installer was chosen to be Microsoft Launch Partner for MSIX technology.

"Great UI, an Interactive Converter, and Visual Studio Integration," that's what Kevin Gallo, VP at Microsoft appreciated most at Advanced Installer.

Microsoft is proud to be working with 3rd parties like Advanced Installer to extend the current platform capabilities with innovative solutions for all Windows developers.


A full year of strong advancements

We are so proud to have been named the Microsoft Partner for MSIX Launching in 2018 Microsoft Ignite event. Advanced Installer devoted full resources in the MSIX development. We are eager to show you a year of strong advancements outcome.

Meet the Team

Meet us at booth #1808 at Microsoft Ignite 2019 and get more about Advanced Installer technology. Come and talk with our passionate developers and experts to learn about the newest features in Advanced Installer, and attend live demo sessions.

About Microsoft Ignite 2019

Learn innovative ways to build solutions, migrate, and manage your infrastructure. Connect with over 25,000 individuals focused on software development, security, architecture, and IT.
Explore new hands-on experiences that help you innovate in areas such as security, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure and development.

We're looking forward to talking to you there!

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