PatchesWindows Installer Patches

Your ability to address customer issues in a timely and cost-effective manner is crucial to your product's success. Using Advanced Installer patches you can quickly create and distribute application fixes and improvements.

By providing patches instead of full-blown installers you (and your users) will save considerable bandwidth expenses. Windows Installer uses powerful, file-type aware, binary diff algorithms to ensure the smallest patch size.

Small, incremental patching is less disruptive and easier accepted by users. Advanced Installer builds only standard, system administrator friendly MSI patches which can be pushed through GPO to automatically patch applications on thousands of computers spread throughout large organizations.

Learn!Patch Authoring tutorial
Read the introductory tutorial and see how easy it really is.

Easily create Patches

Using Advanced Installer's Patch Wizard, simply select the old and new installers of your application and in just a few clicks your patch is generated and ready to be deployed.

Additional settings are available for advanced users to further customize patches, like:

  • multi-target patches - update multiple versions of a product
  • patch sequencing (from WI 3.0) - ensure correct order of application

TipYour users can quickly be notified of, download and install your product's patches through Advanced Installer's Updater.

Patches in Add/Remove Programs

Starting with Windows Installer 3.0, patches are supported by the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Control Panel. You can show your users more information about the patch and offer a way of removing it. You can classify your patch as a hotfix, security rollup, critical update, update, service pack or update rollup.

Patch validation

When creating a patch, Advanced Installer always runs sets of pre- and post-build checks to make sure Windows Installer patch rules are met, in order to help you create a valid working patch. Potential issues, if found, are signaled as early as possible.

Digitally signed Patches

Create digital signatures using SHA-2 certificate can be applied to your patches with just a few clicks, certifying your package's origin and integrity and putting your customer's mind at ease.

ImportantBy signing patches you can enable least-privileged user account patching without UAC elevation prompts on Windows 10.

This feature is available starting with the Enterprise Suite. See more features.