Project notesDocumentation with Project Notes

The Notes pane in Advanced Installer allows you to add comments just as you do when you write code for your application. Saving from the horrible task of having to edit the .AIP source file in raw XML, we want to encourage you to document the installer configuration as you are used to document code.

Inline Comments

The SQL Server installer is by now famous among software packagers for its high maintenance over the years. It has lots of legacy functionality that wasn't cleaned up on time or at all, not to mention unoptimized patches and fixes bundled on top to include the new stuff.

We want to help your team prevent such situations. The installer is the first thing your customers see, so you should make sure everything is correctly planned and maintained.

The following video shows how easily you can add comments inside your installer projects.

Documenting the functionality you are working on with inline comments is therefore mandatory for large applications; we dare say vital for maintaining a project in production, especially for long periods of time, when multiple developers have to work on the installer.

Did you forget why the custom action was scheduled not to execute on Windows 7? Or don't know why John (currently not working in the company anymore) set such a complicated execution condition on the IIS website? Just open the Notes pane from the toolbar and you'll find your answer.