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Starting from $9999/yearPerpetual license with 12-mths maintenanceRequest A Quote
EnterpriseArchitect features included
Ideal When You
Site LicensingHave a variable number of packagers
Internal or for consulting useUse it internally or for consulting



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EnterpriseEnterprise Features Included
Ideal When You
Per packager LicensingHave a fixed number of packagers
Internal use onlyPackage apps for your own company
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Our joint release with Microsoft

Microsoft is proud to be working with 3rd parties like Advanced Installer to extend the current platform capabilities with innovative solutions for all Windows developers.

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Advanced Installer License

With a licensed version of Advanced Installer, you can create an unlimited number of install packages and you can distribute them royalty free to an unlimited number of users, to be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

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One license for each developer

For multiple developers, one per concurrent user

Maintenance Type
Offers application updates and technical support

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