Segment Integration for Installer Analytics

Written by Bogdan Mitrache · October 27th, 2016

Starting with version 2.9 of Installer Analytics you can integrate Segment with our service to gain deeper insights from your data.

Configuring the Integration

The first step is to login into your Installer Analytics account and go to Settings view. From the Third Party Integrations group you can select your desired one, for this case Segment.

Installer Analytics requires a token from your Segment account. To get that token you need to first create a Node.js source.

You don't need to write any code, as detailed in the example from the Segment site, that is all handled by us automatically. All you need is to get the new token and paste it into your Installer Analytics account.

After you've configured the token and the API key, the data from your Installer Analytics account will sync daily with your Segment account.

Segment - Collect and Stream

Installer Analytics comes with unique reports, crafted by our team after years of experience in the application packaging and deployment industry.

However, when you pull this data together with application analytics data, website activity and others you can leverage Segment's power to optimize your team's work by sending them the data they need. This can be an alert on support about failed installation within your last release, or a spike in installs because your product was mentioned on a top ranking website. This way your team can make sure your servers will handle the upcoming traffic.