Desktop Bridge Setup Converter - Conversion Scenario dialog

In this dialog, you can select where you wish to capture and convert your existing setup into an AppX package.

Convert the application on this computer

Use the local computer to convert the setup.

This method works but is not recommended due to system noise created by all the applications installed on your system. This might lead the converter to include in your new AppX package resources that are not part of the installer you are converting, also the conversion time is dramatically increased.

This method is recommended to be used when you have already installed the Desktop Bridge Setup Converter inside a virtual machine image, with a clean Windows 10 installation.

Convert the application in an existing virtual machine

Use a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine to convert the setup. Click the Edit link button on the right, and the DBSC Select VM Profile dialog will be shown allowing you to edit the selected VM profile.

NoteFor more information about the advantages and requirements of using VMs for conversion, please read DBSC Converting in VMs article.