Floating License

What is an Advanced Installer floating license?

A floating license is available as an option of the Enterprise and Architect licenses. It can be used by any developer on any machine (non-simultaneous use). You need one floating license for each developer using the product concurrently.

A floating license is required for a build server that is accessible to the entire development team. The same floating license can also be used by any member of the development team to edit the existent project or create new ones.

Usage scenario

Assuming you have acquired two floating licenses. You will receive a single license key that holds both licenses. The first step is to install the license server and configure the clients to connect to it for acquiring a license.

Once everything is setup we can simulate the following scenario. Let's say your development team is organized like this, in terms of machines using Advanced Installer:

  • Build machine
  • John, developer
  • Dan, developer
  • Kate, developer
  • Mike, developer

The two floating licenses are assigned by the license server as follows:

  • A build starts on the build machine, so a license is given to it
  • During the build Mike makes changes to the setup project and builds it on his local machine, the second license is assigned to his machine by the license server
  • Now Kate or any other team member tries to also make changes and build another setup project, the license server will not grant her a license, popping out a message in the system tray saying that temporarily no licenses are available.
  • In the meantime, Mike finished working on the project, closed Advanced Installer, thus his license was released back to the license server
  • Now Kate can try again to make her changes and build the setup package, Advanced Installer will reconnect to the license server and this time will get a license as it is available(released by Mike).
  • During all of this, the build machine completed the new build and it also releases its Advanced Installer license
  • Dan also wants to add some new files in the setup package, so it opens the project, makes the changes and starts a build on his machine, to test it. The license server also granted him with a license when he launched Advanced Installer, as only one license is in use currently, the one held by Kate's machine. So they can both work at the same time.

In the above scenario you can see how the floating licenses can be used by any member of the team, concurrently if you have enough licenses, or sequentially if not enough license are available.

Requirements and recommendations

In order to use an Advanced Installer floating license you first need to install and configure the License Server on a machine from your LAN. This can be a very simple and small machine, as our license server does not require a lot of computing resources, or it can even be one of the development machines if you are sure that machine is up and running most of the time.

If you are a (re)packaging company we recommend standard per-user licenses, as most likely your engineers will work all day long with Advanced Installer, a floating license gives them no advantage.